Punto Banco Or North American Baccarat

There are some nations that play a different Baccarat game all together nations like USA, Canada, Sweden, Macau and Australia play Baccarat wherein the casinos actually bank a particular game throughout the play.

Players can bet according to their wish either on banker of player. These are mere positions for playing two hands dealing in each of these games. These cards are used face down, one for the Player and then for the Banker and the process continues. Both these cards are to be flipped over. Eventually the dealer will call the total.

Once this position is attained the table called Tableau 'of play will be further used for determining whether or not the cards should be drawn. Based on the hands held, the Banker and Player would draw stand pat or single card. The hand that holds the highest total will be the winner. Whether it is the Player or Banker, one has to achieve a total of 9 to be the winner.

If neither of the players scores a 9, the game will proceed in a different way. For instance, if a Player has a total ranging from 0 to 5, he can draw one single card. However, if he has a total of 6-7, he will stand. Similarly, the game of the Banker would depend on his hand. In case if the Player does not draw a card, Banker can draw if he holds 0 to 5, or stand if he holds 6 or 7. This process follows for all scores, starting from the smallest number to the biggest hand held.

The cards will be dealt by the croupier. According to their table, the croupier has to announce a winning hand it will be either the Banker of the Player. Losing bets are to be collected. Winning bets are to be paid as per the house rules.


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