Special Keno Bets

Keno is a lottery-like game that has the atmosphere of Bingo. Despite the inherent simplicity of the game, there are several special Keno bets that players can place in order to provide more excitement.

Bet Combinations

In a standard game of Keno, players pay for an amount of numbers that they would like to select on their tickets usually between one and twenty. Players can also choose certain bet combinations in order to have more chances to win. For instance, a player may wager on an eight-spot and a four-spot on the same ticket. Some players also choose to play four corners, and some games even give players an opportunity to make lines across the ticket like a game of Bingo. These game types are all played on the same card, and if they overlap they could greatly increase the amount of money won.

Special Circumstances

In addition to special Keno bets, there are some circumstances that can make playing the game more exciting. Many restaurants in the Las Vegas and Reno areas offer Keno games to their patrons. Players purchase a single ticket and the same game repeats several times during the course of dinner. This way, players are able to enjoy a relaxing game and never miss a beat even during a meal. Keno runners are very popular in land-based casinos; these people pass out cards and take wagers from patrons who are playing other games or who are waiting in the lobby.

Keno is a game that requires very little skill or strategy, so special Keno bets are a great way to keep the game exciting.


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